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Major Shop Update - Coming Soon!

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Hey there, Ancestors!

We know you love adventuring, but who doesn't love the convenience of a one-stop shop? That's why we're overhauling our shop to include everything you'd ever want to buy in-game.

Disclaimer: All menus and prices shown are WIP mockups and are subject to change.

Shop_menu V2 Electrum.png

Let's begin with Electrum bundles! They are conveniently placed on a static button at the upper left corner of the screen. If you're scrolling through the latest deals or newest content and need a little extra coin (but don't have the time to quest for Bloodstones) it's there for you!

Speaking of deals... We will now have a separate tab (listed below "Electrum") where special offers and featured content will be available.

Shop_menu V2 2.png

The class, skin, and attachment selection menus will look similar to how they do in the game presently. The shop update will bring them all into one convenient spot where you can quickly swap between the many customization systems that the game has to offer. Having a hard time picking between a new set of wings or a new skin?

The more the better, but weighing your options will be easier than ever before.

Shop_menu V2 Gravestones.png

Death is inevitable for even the most skilled Ancestors - but there's no reason you can't go out in style! All of Survived By's gravestone customization options will be located in the shop update as well. As we continue to expand these gravestones, you'll be able to browse using a vertical scroll.

Shop_menu V2 Increase vault.png

Shop_menu V2 Increase Inventory space.png

Every shopper needs a safe place to put their treasures - the shop update will also include expansions for both Vault and Inventory space! No need to worry about running out of space on your adventures in the Heartlands, from the dungeons to the afterlife and beyond.

But wait... that menu on the left still has room to scroll.

Stay tuned to see what else will be coming to the Store in the future. As always - please let us know what you think of these mockups.

- The Survived By Team

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I like this change a lot. I'm glad you will be making it easier to upgrade specifically what you want within the shop menu. I'm hoping there will be package deals that could be the equivalent of paying $x to get x vault spaces and x electrum. I think packages like that would be really nice.

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On 11/23/2018 at 3:11 AM, Ssslither said:

The hidden Tab is 100% pet section. Mark my words

My lips are sealed, time will tell!

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