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Closed Beta Week 19 + 20

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Hello Ancestors,

Prepare for battle - Survived By will be entering Early Access in December.

What does this mean?

We're opening the gates and allowing all players into the game! Much like the beasts prowling the Heartland, Survived By will continue to evolve. Our bi-weekly update schedule will continue, and we have many new features in our development plans that we can’t wait to share. Your feedback will guide us as we continue working hard to make Survived By the best it can be.

We will do a soft launch for a short period of time before the game is open to the public. This soft launch is mainly to make sure that things will go as smooth as possible on Early Access launch day. The date and time will be revealed on our Official Discord server and the forums and you can expect that all accounts will receive one final wipe. Although we have no plans to perform an additional wipe, please remember this is Early Access and if we believe one is needed for the betterment of the game before official release, there could be additional wipes. Our dedicated player base can use the soft launch as an opportunity to claim their House Names before we’re joined by new players.

Speaking of our Alpha and Beta testers… many have asked if there will be a reward for helping us test the game. The answer is absolutely - all Alpha and Beta testers will get a special gift in their mailbox when we launch on Steam.

In the meantime, head over to this week’s patch notes to check out the latest updates to our tutorial, Auction House, and more.

We’ll see you in the Heartlands!

-The Survived By Team

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