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EA Week 1 - Hotfix 2

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Thank you to all of our Early Early access players who helped us work through our soft launch!

  • Updated Main Menu Store UI
  • (Community Feedback) Updated the dungeon full message to give more details for players
  • Updated cost of renaming a character to 25 Bloodstone
  • Updated Supporter Packs displayed within the game Store to provide more information
  • (Community Feedback) Sent replacement consumables to players who had received broken ones as part of the Supporter Packs - the bug that caused them to run out early has also been fixed!
  • Changed the Rename Character Cost to 25 Bloodstone
  • (Community Feedback) Added text to help players collect their mailed Supporter Pack items
  • (Community Feedback) Increased difficulty of T1 and T2
  • Adjust Daily Rewards button placement
  • Adjusted Daily Rewards menu layout
  • Updated Daily Rewards daily button art
  • Other behind the scenes stability issues surrounding error messages
  • (Community Feedback) Fixed the bug where the highest value Ancestral Legacies' Valr unlock cost was displaying incorrectly
  • Fix for long running status not saving to characters
  • Fixed a bug where Electrum balances were not updating correctly
  • Fixed the way the Starter Supporter Pack emojis displayed for people who didn't have them
  • (Community Feedback) Fixed a bug that resulted in black screens
  • Fixed a bug where Additional Ancestral Legacy slots were not unlocking as intended, after characters died in the Well
  • Fixed a bug where players could change their character name and House name to blank

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42 minutes ago, xmuertex said:

plaaaaaaa i wanna play more time, plss why the server is down?? pls let me play

The server came down for the hotfix but it's back up as of a little while ago - hop back in and join the fun!

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