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Early Access Beginner's Guide

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This is an attempt to make a quick beginner's guide to aid new players with their confusion from being thrown into the Heartland without any quest markers to follow and no sense of how the game works.  This is also to help with the fact that the wiki is still under construction and is very unrefined with outdated information that was mostly from the alpha of the game.  I just want everyone starting this game to enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

I also apologize if anyone has created a beginner's guide that I am unaware of.  

The Tower

This is your home base, a sanctuary from the invasion of chimera.  There are a few key people and places you'll want to know about.  I am only introducing a few people, you will still want to talk to everyone to know what else is available.  

Craftsman:  The craftsman is complex to start and, in my opinion, is not necessary for most of the early game.  You can experiment with him if you would like.  I will say a few things.  First is that you can find all the crafting items out in the world as monster drops.  If you are looking for a catalyst, those are dropped by dungeon bosses for the respective tier you're trying to craft.  Also when you have leveled up your craftsman, you can make a queue as long as his level is (if he is level 2 then you can have 2 items in the queue at once).  

Vault:  Located on the North side of town to the right of the bridge, this is one of the most important buildings you'll need early on.  This is where you can store anything you don't want to lose on death (mostly your silver).  

Mailbox:  This may not seem important, but whenever you purchase something from the auction place, it arrives here.  Also if you decide to purchase any starter pack, it will arrive in your mailbox.  

Daily Challenge Board:  This is the most effective way to earn bloodstone.  You simply start the quest (they have a level requirement) and when the quest is completed you return and turn in the quest for bloodstones.  You can complete 5 quests a day (across all characters total).  If you did the third quest on one character, you can also do the same third quest on another character if you have more than one, or if you die and create a new character.  

Treasure Hunter:  This is the easiest way to obtain keys.  The first 4 tiers sell keys for relatively cheap and you'll enjoy running dungeons faster than grinding for more keys doing quests near the dungeon entrance.  She also will give you 1 free health and mana potion a day.  

Equipment Vendor:  He sells tier 1 and 2 equipment, which is very helpful if you create a new character and kept your weapon but lost all your armor, and still have some extra silver from stashing it in your vault.

Cartographer:  He will show you areas of the map that you've been to, but completed.  If you've stepped foot in an area, then he will show you where every waypoint and dungeon is in that area.  


The moment you leave the tower, monsters will appear and you'll instinctively shoot and kill them while dodging their bullets.  But besides exploring, what is there to do?  How do i get better stuff without crafting it?  That is where dungeons come in.  There is a dungeon in every tier of environment you happen upon.  These dungeons require keys to open (which you can either get from the Treasure Hunter or by completing quests found in the heartlands).  Each dungeon boss has the potential to drop any equipment of that tier of dungeon.  

I am not making these dungeons too in depth at this point, as it is fun to experience it for yourself.  

Tier 1:  This is a solo dungeon, you can only enter this dungeon if you have a key and nobody can come with you. 


Tier 2:  Recommended levels are from 6-10.  You should be coming to this area and dungeon very soon into the game, as you will get experience so much faster than in the T1 area.  


Tier 3:  Recommended levels are from 11-15.  This will be the first notably hard jump of monsters and it will be very easy to die in this area comparative to the first two tiers.  Enemies are more likely to surround you, so be careful when coming here!  (I will not be showing pictures of any more tiers as you can find this information from the cartographer once you've entered that area).

Tier 4:  Recommended levels are from 16-20.  This dungeon will never have a dead end!  I generally will level my characters to 25 before ever leaving this tier.  It is much safer than going to T5 if you don't want to risk your hard work up to this point.  To reach the T4 area, you will need to travel east of the T3 dungeon until you're on the very opposite side of the map.  Follow the roads and you'll make it!

Tier 5:  Recommended levels are from 21-25.  You cannot reach the second half of the map until after you've beaten this tier!  This dungeon cannot be skipped!  There are also two entrances to this dungeon.   The boss on this dungeon has an impenetrable shield until you are able to take down the boss's legs. 

Tier 6:  Do not attempt unless you are level 25.  The entire dungeon is basically made out of water.  You go slowly and enemies will punish you for not being able to dodge as easily.  Some veteran players will say that T8 is easier than this tier.  

Tier 7:  Do not attempt unless you are level 25.  This dungeon is a forest, with all of the inconveniences a forest provides.  You have poison enemies, enemies that chase you well, and also limited visibility half the time you're in the dungeon.  Because of these safety factors, many veteran players skip this dungeon for T8 and say that T8 is easier.  

Tier 8:  Do not attempt unless you are level 25.  Many veteran players will say that this tier is easier than T6 and T7.  That is not to be confused as the enemies doing more damage.  It is the way that the dungeons are set up and the monsters within them.  The T8 dungeon has straight hallways and nice line of sight, making it overall safer to go slowly through the dungeon.  However, these monsters do hit harder and take more to kill than T6 or T7 monsters.  

Tier 9:  There is no area indicating tier 9 except the dungeon locations.  You can only enter a T9 dungeon after crafting the keys using materials from the T8 dungeon, or by purchasing keys through the Treasure Hunter for 15 bloodstone each.  T9 is not just one dungeon, it is the "Hard Mode" of each of the previous dungeons from T2-T8.  There is no hard mode for the T1 dungeon.  This includes slightly different monsters, everything high leveled, and a boss with more attacks than before.  You can reach the entrance to T9 by descending the tower north of town and going to the north section of that area.  

Tier 10:  This is the raid tier.  This tier is meant to be the hardest in the game and never meant to be soloed.  Equipment does not drop from this dungeon. There are two mini bosses before the final boss.  The final boss also has 3 forms.  You reach this dungeon in the same area as T9, but in the southern part of the floor.  


There is something you may have noticed about some weapons that you get here and there.  Some weapons have a prefix that change its attack pattern!  There are quite a few different attack patterns and they range from being useless patterns to insanely helpful.  However, you may notice that these are really rare drops.  The drop rate is assumed to be somewhere around 5% of weapons dropped will have a prefix.  This is not confirmed, but it does show that it may take you a while to receive a prefix for the weapon type that you really want.  

What if I receive an useless prefix?  Well you can actually change a weapon's prefix at the craftsman!  This is the most useful early feature of the craftsman.  For a price of silver and bloodstone, you can re-roll the prefix and hope for an amazing one!  


Charms are a way to further increase the capabilities of your equipment by socketing them using the Craftsman.  Your equipment must have a socket slot available to hold a charm and the max slots a piece of equipment can have is 3.  Charms have levels and the level can go all the way up to 99 by fusing like charms together continually.  It takes 5 charms of the same level fused together to receive one charm of the next level.  However, a piece of equipment can only be socketed with charms that sum up to the total level of the piece of equipment you're socketing.  A level 3 weapon can be socketed either with 3 level 1 charms, a level 1 charm with a level 2 charm, or a level 3 charm.  

One thing to note is that T8 equipment can reach a max level of 5.  T9 equipment can reach a max level of 8.  T10 equipment can reach a max level of 12.  Also, charms make a difference of about 0.2% per charm level and is not worth worrying about until you have a full set of T10 equipment.  

Thorns Equipment

The rarest drops you can receive in the game are for thorns equipment.  You can also buy thorns equipment for electrum in the tower.  However why is this equipment special?  The largest benefit to this equipment is that you will always keep it when you die!  It is freely passed down to your descendants!  It is special also because it scales with you as you increase in levels.  Once you reach level 25, the equipment will be at its max strength, which is just stronger than T5 equipment.  You may think, but isn't that low if you can get up to T10 equipment?  Yes, this equipment is not end game material.  It is simply there to help you level up quicker without worrying about losing it all when you die.  Therefore, it is not worth purchasing, in my opinion.  

The rest of the equipment in the game is pretty self explanatory and doesn't need much explaining.  Feel free to experiment in that field and learn about them as you go.  


Edit:  The Party System has been announced and is expected to be released on Feb 27, 2019!!!

There is NO party system currently used in the game.  However, that does not make it unplayable with friends.  If you want to play with a specific friend, you'll need to choose the same server as them.  Currently you can do this by going to the main menu, then to options, then to server select.  With both of you on the same server, you'll be able to be near each other and then you can add each other as friends from the nearby list on the bottom right side of the UI.  Also all experience is shared with anyone near the kill.  This makes it so that parties are not 100% necessary.  Also you only get loot from a boss in a dungeon if you are in the boss room when they die.  

Guild have been announced and will be coming to the game in hopefully the next coming weeks!  This feature will include guild chat, and a guild vault.  There are other features that have been discussed by the developers but are not likely to be released the same time that guilds are.  

Earning Silver

There are many ways to earn silver in the game and it can be spent on many different things, like crafting.  The current most effective way to earn silver is to do dungeon runs and sell the equipment found in the dungeon to a vendor in town (I usually visit the Treasure Hunter).  Tier 3 equipment sells for 70 silver each, Tier 4 sells for 140 silver each, and the price keeps going up from there.  Don't let this make you think that you shouldn't try to pick up silver off the ground, that is still where a lot of your silver will come from.  


For those of you that do decide to purchase electrum, I will answer a few questions you might have.  All storage space upgrades are permanent and are carried to every character.  They are easily one of the most useful things that you can spend electrum on.  Try not to waste too much electrum all at once because you'll find out there was something else you wanted to spend it on.  For those of you that are forever and always Free to Play, there is a way to slowly earn electrum.  There is the electrum-bloodstone auction in which you can sell your bloodstone to other players by making an offer or accepting theirs.  I will not post any values that I would recommend as I do not want to determine the economy prices here.  

Edit:  The auction house is currently down due to cheating methods people have used to obtain extra bloodstone and electrum.  


You can only earn bloodstone in a few different ways.  The first way is the Daily Challenge Board.  You can complete 5 quests a day.  This cannot be repeated 5 times a day for every account, your quest tally will count for any class you complete a quest on.  This does mean that you can complete the hardest quest 5 times if you have 5 different accounts, earning you the most bloodstone you can in one day.  The other way to earn bloodstone is by selling items on the auction in town.  You choose the item to sell and the price to sell it at.  

What do I spend bloodstone on?  These can be spent in quite a few different ways.  I will name a few of the more important things you should save them for.  The first is for re-rolling prefixes on your weapons.  The next is trading your bloodstone for electrum with other players looking to buy bloodstone.  Another is for buying health and mana potions from Treasure Hunter.  There is an auction for that in town and can be a slow way to earn electrum, but entirely free!  These reasons are very good reasons to make sure you complete your daily quests, increasing your bloodstone total.  

Ancestral Legacies

This could easily be the longest section, but I just hope to go over some of the basics that anyone first seeing them needs to know.  First off, there is a starting limit of 10 legacies that you can hold onto at one time.  That makes it more crucial to find out what they do early and make sure you don't get rid of good legacies.  

There are 4 rarities to legacies: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary.  It is not confirmed if all legacies can be found at each rarity.  However, more rare legacies provide better benefits than the same legacy of a less rare tier.  

You can only equip one of each legacy, you cannot "stack" the same one for larger benefits.  This means you cannot have 2 or more instances of the "Chain Reaction" legacy to make more or stronger chain reactions.  Also if you create more than one character, you cannot equip ancestral legacies to them that are currently equipped on another character.  

Legacies can be leveled up to a maximum level of 50.  Valr is the currency used to level up legacies.  The cost increases each level that your legacy increases.  More rare tiers of legacies have the same costs as less rare tiers.  This makes no downsides to having a higher tier rarity of the same legacy.  

Which legacies are good?  Well I don't want to ruin your experience of learning all the kinds of legacies that are available, so I will not share direct information on what legacies are available.  However, there is an important aspect to legacies that give them a lot of value, even without ever leveling up the legacy!  Each legacy has what is called a "set" and many legacies have 2 sets.  You can identify what the sets are by looking at the symbol on the bottom left corner of the legacy card or by clicking on the legacy and reading set bonus information above the legacies.  When you equip two legacies that have a matching set, there is a massive set bonus applied to your character (such as 10% increase in damage reduction on your character).  These bonuses can be read on what they do as you click on legacies, at the top of the ancestral legacy screen.  This is just as important to think about when deciding which legacies to consume to stay under the 10 limit as deciding on which legacies' effects you like and want to keep.  

There are a few ways to get more legacies.  You can either buy them with electrum, valr, or earn them through completing challenges.  Legacies will only be rewarded upon death and can only be bought during the ancestral legacy screen after death.  


This is the currency you obtain when, and only when, you die.  You receive more valr as you level your character and complete challenges.  You can access the challenges tab underneath the minimap.  This currency is also used on only two things:  buying more legacies and upgrading current legacies.  You also cannot keep leftover of this currency after you leave the ancestral legacy screen.  All excess valr will be lost.  

You cannot You can consume ancestral legacies for slightly more valr.  This also means that if you are on the legacy screen, you can level up unused legacies in order to consume them for more valr the next time you have a character die (This feature is currently bugged).

Edit:  There is now a max Valr cap per character of 250k that you can reach while in the Well.  This amount can be reached within a few minutes of being in the well, despite that the new well timer is 20 minutes.  

The Well

This will be the resting place for many of your characters.  The well is located north of town where you must descend the tower.  South from there is where the entrance to the well lies.  You can only enter the well if you are level 25, and you WILL die in the Well.  You cannot leave once you go in there.  Essentially, the Well is the hardest dungeon in the game.  The wraiths that spawn in there will almost one shot you with any projectile that hits you, and they spawn at a very fast rate.  

Why would I go in the Well if I'm just going to die?  You can unlock the three locked classes by having your respective character die in the Well.  Also for every wraith that you manage to kill in the well, you will earn extra Valr upon death.  Also each death in the Well will give you another max Ancestral Legacy limit of 1, up to a total of 10 more.  

Due to how much the well has changed, it would be advised to look up either a youtube video of what the Well looks like or find a streamer who has previous Well run videos to get a better idea of how to survive for as long as possible.  

Edit:  The Well now has a timer of 20 minutes and a max Valr cap of 250k Valr.  The max Valr can be earned within a few minutes of being in the dungeon.  However, there is now a leaderboard for the Well that records the people with the top duration survived in the well, and the amount of wraiths killed.  Being on top of the leaderboard can award you titles.  The leaderboard is refreshed weekly.  


Please, if you want to reply to this, only post suggestions on what could/should be added to help new players out.  This is not a fully inclusive guide and is not meant to be.  I wanted to make something faster for new players that are already posting lots of questions.  I mostly want information that will be immediately beneficial to newer players.  I do not plan on adding many more pictures unless it will be very beneficial to newer players, as it is very time consuming.  Also please let me know if there is any misinformation, as I have had to learn everything same as any other player.  Thank you for taking the time to read through this and enjoy the game!  

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This is amazing, just amazing! I'm going to pin and feature this as a guide for new players and make sure it is seen - thank you SO much for putting this guide together.

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