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Add Support for Friend-only Instances

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It's really annoying when you are leveling new character, have dungeon keys and want to use them to level up on monsters inside. It's ok if someone else joins you, but there is enormous number of lvl 25 players who keep camping low level dungeons (t4, t5) and as soon as you open it, they just rush and kill everything and boss before you can even get there.

Private (Friend-only) instances should be added ASAP.

Simplest implementation:

1) Add "Friend-only" dungeons checkbox to options.

2) Add condition to dungeon opening code: IF player(opener).friendList.contains(player(this)) THEN action("E") = enterDungeonOfFriend(opener) ELSE action("E") = enterPublicDungeon

Should take few minutes to add as data needed you have already available. Thank you.

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2 hours ago, Yukon said:


This sort of topic was recently discussed and HH_Katherine replied about the addition of guilds. Here's the post!

Thank you, but this is not what I meant. Either if solo or with friends, you should have control over who can join the dungeon you are opening. Not guild related and way more urgent.


2 hours ago, LaTrailer said:

just change your server if you dont want anyone to be part of the dungeon? 

Also not a solution. Just workaround that forces you to log in over and over again until you find non crowded server (if lucky).

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Hey there! We're definitely looking at adding private servers, especially so Streamers can play in an instance with their viewers, for example. It will be great for guilds too. A private instance means as many or as few people as you please, so you could run solo!

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