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We're Listening. Our Next Steps!

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Greetings, Ancestors!

First and foremost, thank you from all of us at Human Head and Digital Extremes. The interest in Survived By has been great (our servers would say it's been a little TOO great...) and we're committed to shaping this game with the community.

Top Issues

  • We are currently looking at the following key issues we keep seeing discussed on our Forums, Discord and Steam Forums:
  • Connection/Login Issues
  • Missing Steam Pack Items
  • Loss of progression
  • Ancestral Legacy bugs like cards still assigned to dead character and cannot be consumed
  • Progression stops such as can't proceed after death screen

These are top priorities for us, and our teams are working diligently to solve them. Although we do not have an exact time or date for these fixes, we wanted to be transparent with the community that we know they're pain points, and we appreciate you sticking with us through Early Access.

Game Economy

We want Survived By to be a fair and fun experience, and while we believe it fits that criteria, there is always room for improvement! We've designed Survived By to be playable without any microtransaction purchases and we stand by that. With that said, we are currently looking at adjustments to things like bag size, currency exchange and more. We aren't ready to share details just yet, but want to let you know that we stand by our commitment to shape this game with you, the players.

Loss of Progress and Missing Items

For some of the loss of progression/missing items issues please reach out to our Support team and they will take a look into your account and assist you. While we unfortunately cannot recover progress, items can be recovered.

Going Forward
As a thank you for your patience and diligent bug reporting, we want to award you with an attachment set from our upcoming holiday event. This Holiday Set will include the flashing light, sack of toys, and toy trail attachments which will be sent to your in-game mailbox. We hope it will help you get in the holiday spirit and will keep you looking festive in battle. Items will appear once we have resolved server issues and we will announce when you can claim them. All missing XP, Drop Rate, and Craft Time Reduction consumables will be refunded across player accounts as well once we fix the timer bug.

The characters in Survived By only get stronger with each iteration, and we want the same for our game. Remember, Early Access is just the beginning and we're building Survived By with you! Look for a Producer's Letter coming soon which will dive deeper into both the issues the team is hard at work tackling and some of the changes discussed above.  

See you in the Heartland,

- The Survived By Team

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