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not a cockroach

Mid game crisis guide ( legacies farm )

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Hello there,
I will try to make an attempt to provide You with relatively up to date guideline with what to do during your ‘mid game crisis’.


There was a pretty good guide provided by some beta player which was good enough for everyone to understand what’s what and where to do it in order to reach max level and understand all the features of the game. So since you are here long enough to understand the features of the game then i might use some shortcuts like T9 T10, BS and so on.

BS being blood shards,

T9-T10 being the tier difficulties of dungeons/gears.

But You do know all that already from previous guide, if that is news to You then maybe You should go through beginners guide first and then come back here when you hit a mid game crisis wall.
Since we do have that other guide for beginners i will not cover basics here. Just what to do when you are already level 25, you do know where are dungeons and You do know that you die in ‘the well’ after 1-3 seconds.


Ok, so lets start with The Well, awful place. Needs some work, but that is another topic.

If you are full t5-t7 geared and you are thinking about starting to do Well runs in order to get them juicy legacies then just stop because now that You know that You have to farm Well, you need to get prepared to do it correctly. So that You do not waste 20-40 hours on doing it the wrong way ( like i did ).



2nd character slot section ! 😮

Before You even start to farm Well as a newbie player you have to understand the concept of this process. You do not want to farm Well on your main character. Unless you are playing Harbinger as Your main and you intend to just farm 4 meta harb legacy cards and never go into Well again. The problem with that concept is that when legacies gets major update sometimes during next months then you will have to kill Your character for Well run again. Why is that bad thing? The game is supposed to be about dying all over again anyways right? Nope.

During your t9-t10 dungeon runs you will start to get relics that you apply to your character. These relics right now in game are lost upon death. Which is fairly bad concept on its own but i will cover that in some other topic.

So essentially you do not want to die with character that does have all relics farmed. Buying off relics from Auction House costs like 50-100 bs per relic. Right now in game we have 7 relics from t9 and i think 6 or so from t10, so you do not want to spend all that bs every time You die, You also do not want to farm them again after doing Well run.

Luckily devs did think about that, and we can change legacies on character by talking to ‘bard’ npc in town and paying 3 bs per first swaps. The more times you change legacies on single character the price of change goes up. It is supposed to cap at 20 bs. So still not that expensive, and still you can change legacy cards without dying ! Yay, all relics are safe.

That brings us back into the point of farming well with spare character.
Since we established that it is going to be always better to have spare character for Well runs ( even if you are playing harbinger ) then You should make that Well runner on your 2nd character slot.

For all those of you who did not reach level 25 yet:
You will get another character slot for free after you reach level 25, or after You die with level 25 character. I do not remember correctly, but you do get that 2nd character slot for free.

Another nice little touch from devs towards that 2nd character Well runner. Not sure if thats what they have in mind when they decided to give us that 2nd character slot but thats appreciated.



Harbinger - Well farming meta

So current game meta to do Well runs is Harbinger class. The reason why is that harb’s special attack deals that nice juicy 300% of damage which pretty much instantly kills wraiths if You have strong enough bow. Wraiths do get stronger as they keep spawning, although that is not important because Your main issue right now is how to not die in Well after 3 seconds.
So You need a Harbinger. You need to run well with 2nd character anyways, so as well you can do it with with best meta class available right now.
Although Harbinger on his own is not strong enough to do Well with ease.
You do need a t8 bow leveled up to the max, or T9-T10 bow. Thats the first thing that you need.
This bow does not need to have prefix. Ofcourse fragmentation prefix would help alot since it makes you regen more energy from auto attacks, but that is expensive piece of equipment. T10 frag bow will cost You something like 7000 bs at least and with good suffix can go up to 10-15k bs. Not something that You can buy easily in your early mid game.
However getting plain T9 bow should not cost more than 200-250 bs on Auction House. If there is none on AH then ask on discord chat if someone has one to sell. Im sure that some players have full characters filled with T9 gear ready to sell but cant be bothered to put them on AH every day with limited auction slots available. So just because something is not on AH does not mean that you cant buy it.


T9 bow is super strong,and you can level it up quite easily by buying oil.
Oil can be bought from npc that sells keys to dungeons in town. Costs about 30 bs, which might seem like a high price just for 1 hour oil but keep in mind that this oil makes you level up your equipment that its applied to for like ~1000% ( one thousand percent ) time faster.

There is a high chance that you can level up that bow into max within one hour of doing repeated t8 runs with group, just tell them to not rush like crazy cause you are leveling bow. OR do it with friends. Friends are nice in this game. Dont be Kirito,. Kiritos dies in this game more often.

How to get 30 bs ? i will cover that up in daily Blood shards section somewhere below.



Leveling up runner Harbinger


There are guides on fast leveling up, however what You want to do is level up your runner super fast. Since first 20-40 Well runs are gonna be rather painful. You want to be done with it as fast as possible. This is a good place to make a suggestion for buying 3rd most


For leveling up your character you have 2 options, you can do it with full t5 gear, and then You can start at T4 area when you are level 1. Avoid zombie that throws pink projectiles at you. They are quite dangerous at level 1. However You can easily kill deer or birds. You should level up to 4-5 after few mobs and then you can handle also zombies. At level 10 You can go into T4 dungeon or make Your way up to T5 zone and farm T5 key. Around level 13-15 You can go farm T5 dungeon. ( farm it not finish it ). You might not want to die at t5 boss however density of mobs in T5 is great so You might want just to use it to get to higher level. So killing the waves of mobs in dungeon is very efficient exp/time wise however doing this boss might be a waste of time. ( does takes few mins at lower level).


After that You can go to t6 zone, before level 20 just walk on the sea borders killing mostly turtles which are super easy. At 20+ You can just grind sea all the way to 25. Density of mobs is great and now whole sea is covered in ice which makes it amazing grind place. If you have t5 frag bow you could go into the sea even at level 17-18,
If you do have followup card leveled up then you can go into the sea even at level 15.


If you have thorns equipment that you found in dungeons at very low drop rate or you bought them from electrum or whatever then you might want to start leveling up in slightly different way.

Thorns at low level are much weaker than t5 gear, so You have to start at t2 zone for 1->5lv,
Far west corner of T3 for 5->10 lvl. Then You can come back to town to take tier 3 daily challenge and go right away to t4 zone at lvl 10. Stay there till 14, and move up to t5.


The very important part about doing fast leveling up is getting t5 bow with fragmentation prefix. Seems expensive right? It is easier than You might think and is very efficient!

If you are lucky enough to find t5 bow with any prefix, then you are almost good to go. Only thing left to do is reroll prefix on that bow for 1400 silver and 6 bs.
If you do not have any t5 bow with random prefix, then you can craft one.
If you do not have any random prefix imprint then you can keep buying t1 weapons from npc and breaking them. You have 5% chance of getting some random prefix/suffix for breaking plain gear without suffix/prefix.
Then use that one random prefix to craft t5 bow.
It does say that you have only 20% chance to apply that prefix to crafted equipment however right now in game it is calculated in a way that it will succeed even with one prefix. Actually using 5 prefixes sometimes bugs up weapons and the result one might have double prefix. So  i would not recommend crafting something with more than 1-2 imprints.
If you use two different prefix imprints on crafted weapon, then it might have different prefix as a result.
There was one nice report on discord that someone used quadra spread and penta spread prefix on crafting weapon and got frag prefix as a result. Nice little touch : )!

So once you craft that random prefix bow just reroll prefix for 1400 silver and 6 bs untill you get fragmentation. 6bs isnt that much! You can get 45 a day so dont get discouraged.
It is very much worth it to get t5 frag bow! Will speed up your leveling process alot!


Nice little addition to this part is that doing t5 dungeon during your leveling up is quite nice because unlike t4 dungeon you do get to find chests in t5 dungeon quite often. Stacking energy potions in your inventory is very useful for proper Well runs later.



Getting followup legacy card


Thats right, we are not out of the woods yet. In order to do the Well runs properly we need to get Followup card.

Good thing about followup is that its max tier is gold card. It does not have elite [blue] card.

Gold followup card at max level 50 makes you regen 40 energy per every critical strike that you do. It makes you able to spam that harbinger special attack constantly without break.

Bronze followup is quite terrible, at max level it gives only 10 energy, which is better than nothing. But leveling it up is kinda waste.
Silver followup card is nice middle ground. On max level it gives 20 energy and can be good enough for proper Well runs. That’s the one that You must aim to get.


You might be super lucky and get it among one of the gold cards that You get in the early game by finishing up some of the achievements with gold card rewards. Achievements are one time deal. After You are done with them on next characters You can do only one time challenges that resets for each character. They are about opening chests in dungeons, killing specific type of mobs repeatedly. From higher tier challenges You get a chance to get gold card as well, so You might get lucky and get gold folloup card this way as well. Although on Your runner character You will not most likely reach higher tier challenges rewards, and since it is just a chance to get gold card it is not worth it to actually pursue it and prolong Your runners life just to finish some challenge. Unless You are on 700 mobs and all You have to do is kill that 50 more mobs. Then i guess it is quite worth it to give it a go.


Best way to get silver followup card is to go and die in Well even though You are not yet ready to do a proper Well run. These runs would like pre runs. You will still die within first 5-10 seconds, although the difference between these runs and proper runs is that you go in wearing full inventory of items. If you dont have ant t3-4-5 gear spare to sacrifice then just buy full inventory of t2 rings from npc in town.

For each piece of equipment that you have in your inventory you get extra valr when dying in well, so this way You might get about 2-3 k valr each time when you die in well. You spend that valr on random silver tier card.
Within 10-20 runs you should be able to get silver followup card. Then even though that you do have it, You will need to spend another 10-20 runs to actually level it up. Silver followup on early levels is not going to be super strong.
Once You are done with that tedious routine You can start actualy to do the proper well runs.

Dont be disheartened by this process, it might seem long and bothersome, but the comforting part is that You have to do it only once. Once You get silver followup card it gets only better, and eventually you will find that gold followup and Well runs will start to be breeze.


Actually doing the well section


So you do have all your affairs and you are ready to actually do a proper well run attempt.
Now before You enter Well get some energy potions out of your vault or buy them from treasure hunter. You do need to pop up few energy potions right before entering Well in order to be able to use your special attack right away.

If you do not have t9/10 frag bow it is going to be quite hard to get that energy back. If your follow up card isnt high level yet then that energy potions at the start are gonna be very important.

Those potions might be difference between surviving 3 or 10 seconds in well. Which during early runs is alot!

First off, big heads on the sides are very dangerous, and they shot a waves of spread projectiles. They spawn at quite random order. Sometimes they spawn right away on both sides and you get to see projectiles flying towards you as you spawn, and sometimes it is just one head at the bottom of the map at spawn.


Big heads will not reach you ever near spawning point. You can stand there for full length of dungeon and big heads will not reach you. Small wraiths will not go there very often since the ones that already spawned will be at the bottom of the room, so new ones will not spawn near you for safe farm. So it might seem like a good idea to stay at the top but i tried it few times and its not effective at all.


So after you enter and you see big head on the side near you, then go towards it and kill it asap with your special attack. It is not going to start to shoot right away. And if it does then walk back. Do not try to hug big heads if you are not sure if your dmg is high enough to nuke it before it shoots.

By now you should know that your special attack range is quite good however it is going to shoot only at 5 targets, so it might target little wraiths and not shoot at big boy at all. That is why you want to approach him still in order to secure the shot.
If big boy is dead then you are golden, you will survive in well another few seconds.

If big head that was at the bottom started to shoot then try to time their projectiles and go towards it as one projectile ends, you can do it if there is only one head shooting. If 2 heads are shooting from same spot then do not try to approach them. If there are 2 heads stacked on each other at the bottom part of the room then just ignore em and go to other side.


You can pass to the other side of the room by the part in the middle. During your first well ruins you might feel like you are getting stuck on all these pillars in the middle of the room but you can make a pass to the other side through the middle of the room. So dont be scared to try that if you are cornered.



Daily Blood Shards farm

Daily BS can be earned right now from 2 sources. Total daily quest BS income is 45 bs.


Daily Challenges:

Daily Challenges does reset every few hours, some of them are easier than others so You might want to wait for easier ones later to not waste too much time for it.
Most effective way to go around daily challenges is having 5 characters level 25 and doing tier 3 daily challenge that makes you do 10k damage. You can simply kill few mobs outside of town T1 area. Thats like the fastest and most efficient way. Will give you 6 bs each so 30 in like 2 minutes.

If you have 2 character slots only, you can still do it, but you will have to wait for daily challenges to reset every few hours and then do only Tier 3 ones during each switch.
Not as easy as previous method, but does not require You to buy more character slots and You can still get 30 bs every day!

Another way to do good easy tier 3 quest with only 2 character slots is by doing Well runs. With each new character after death you can take tier 3 quest at level 10. So thats every 20-40 minutes depends if you have exp boost.


Daily 4 quests chain on desert map:

There is an npc on the South-East desert ( the one on the right bottom part of the world map ).

At the middle of that map there is a narrow lake and on the far left end of it there is a small camp with guards and npc inside. This npc will give you a chain of 4 quests that will reward You in total of 15 bs. Yesterday and today i was unable to find this npc there, might be a bug?



Whats next?


After you do manage to get your wanted legacy builds from Well runs you are ready for end game. Which is farming t9 t10, maxing out gears, trying theory crafting builds and make world the better place.

However i believe that some high end etilist beta players should make ‘end game crisit’ guide.


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T10 Fragment weapon

T10 Set protective

Max enhancement all Suffix

Max level all equipment

Full T9 T10 Relic 

=== END ===

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A good guide article, but if it was released as early as 3 weeks ago... When the first t10 underground dungeon movie appeared, the open test was less than a week? For the current economic collapse, too many levels of opening up, "well" and "oil" should not appear. Closed auction did not help, three days ceiling? Roll back the test that day. Let's sit flat XD
This article is old but worthy of reference

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Why is it always hidden?

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1 hour ago, not a cockroach said:

在T7區域也有每日BS任務,也提供15 bs。



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Thank you for making this guide, @not a cockroach! It's always really exciting to see new guides and tutorials added to the forums so folks know where to go if they get stuck. We have a lot of new quests on the way (coming in the next month or two!) so the more of this content the better!

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