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State of the Game

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Hello everyone, this thread is going to be most likely extremely lengthy and detailed after 100's of hours of playing, talking with other diehard SB players, countless hours streaming the game, testing different areas of the game, and hanging around in the SB discord for about 15 hours a day.

I will preface this post by saying I love this game and it has an abundant amount of potential, it may seem like I'm tearing this game apart in this thread bit by bit but I feel all of this needs to be said.

In this thread I will cover 1. Server stability 2. Bugs 3. Class balance 4. Imprints 5. UI 6. Legacies 7. Crafting 8. Dungeon Difficulty/Design


1. Server Stability

Server stability seems to be constantly worked on for good reason. The only way I die anymore is due to rubber-banding. The amount of disconnecting and server issues are pretty much known to everyone. What I would like to mention in this category is data. There is to much data in the live code of the game that should not be there. I will not give specifics as I don't want to get in trouble, but just recently a good friend of mine (totally Karar) made some automation for the wiki to pull data to streamline the process of updating the wiki. Much more was found than wanted. The things found should not be in the live code period.


2. Bugs

The amount of bugs this game has is very long. The biggest ones in my eyes that are game breaking is T5 invincibility bug, and equipment bugs. The T5 bug is known so I won't say more about it but the equipment bug is not widely known as we just found out some new developments on what all is bugged in my last 8 hours of testing t10 equipment with different imprints. It turns out that equipment can be bugged even if they don't have the double prefix/suffix we all know about. I have a t10 frag sword that does less damage than an equivalent t10 frag sword with all the same stats. The sword did not used to act this way until after the last hotpatch so it could be related to that hotpatch. Though the second t10 frag sword also reduced damage after I logged out to take a break from testing. It seems that simply disconnecting from the server itself can bug your equipment and make it less powerful. I'm not sure exactly what triggered this but what I do know is my equipment can have any amount of power and I will not know what it is by looking at the stats. That is a big problem.

3. Class balance

There are a few issues i have with class balance. One big one is infiltrator (the rogue class) there are builds to make it so the infiltrator on t10 takes 1 damage max and can deal out mad dps. This class should not be a tank, that is not what a rogue is. No class should have godmode with insane dps. The other infiltrator build uses evasion to get it above 100% (basically exploting the system) and makes it impossible to be hit. This needs to be looked at closely.

Stat wise I want to point towards willpower as an attribute. Willpower is the main stat of the sentinel, which I just happen to main. Willpower thematically makes sense as far as health Regen goes. Increased willpower increases the health regen stat. For the tanky class of sentinel this makes perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is why willpower also buffs critical damage. This means that I can make Sentinel the tankiest class in the game and the highest DPS. This destroys the concept of different classes and it ruins dps focus classes and tank focus classes that you have right now.


We also need a healing class but that isn't doable until we get to point 10. where we make dungeon more difficulty in the later tiers.


4. Imprints


Imprints are broken. You can get double imprints when crafting, power buffs all stats and is basically all suffix's combined, why even have the other suffiix's if you have power, and a few prefix's are auto best based on how they work. I have seen the current idea being thrown around of adding the prefix to the legacy system. In the legacy systems current state THIS IS BAD. The thing that makes items worth something in this game is the difficulty of getting that item to have the desirable prefix/suffix you want. The only real consistent item in the later tiers worth anything is related to imprints. If you remove the prefix and put it as another legacy in the current state you destroy the market. If you are going to add it to the legacy system you need to entirely and inherently change the entire legacy system and how it works. If that is what you plan to do I anxiously await to see it.


5. UI

The UI of the game needs a bit of work. Some text is to small and unreadable for some players. A counter needs to be added in the minimap in the top right corner so you know how many players are in a dungeon so you don't leave anyone out of killing the boss. Adding things like name plates makes the game rubber-band more frequently.  The UI needs to be more customizable and moveable as compared to a locked in place design.

6. Legacies

The well needs revamped to be larger. Some legacies are too good like followup. The naming system when you die needs to be fixed so that the numbers match the death total.


7.  Crafting


Crafting system needs changed it feels unrewarding until t9 and t10 and it plays like a mobile games crafting system. I'm sure others will have better ideas than me in the comments of this thread on how to change the crafting system.

8. Dungeon difficulty

The later dungeons are just to easy. Some ideas to make dungeons more difficulty is to add a trigger in the middle of a mob room that you have to hit in a certain amount of time that can only be hit if you clear all of the mobs in that time. This would also allow for unique dungeon designs to enable other classes to be good in a team comp instead of just best dps/best tank. The added difficulty would allow for a healer class to be made and feel worth playing with ramped up difficulty. Over-all the game is just to easy in its current state.


Those are the biggest issues I have right now. There are plenty of more I didn't include and you will most likely find them in the comments. I appreciate your time for reading this and I hope this game continues to improve towards something truly spectacular.


- Sephos




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I agree with nearly everything said in this post and i have a lot to add to this thread of behind the scene issues which i will refrain from posting publicly. 

Best bet is to hope HH is listening and starts to try and fix as many things as possible before the NY and then get on a steady system to provide new content frequently! 


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With over 300 hours played in EA (Im on holiday give me a break) I will agree with the post above.


2: The amount of bugs in the game is pretty scary. I know y'all are working hard at fixing them all but I have had little to no response or help with the bugs I have experienced... My vault was wiped twice, timing out while posting expensive items on AH and logging back in to find them posted and sold for way cheap, and many other game breaking bugs. I have lost many hours of work due to bugs and have had no reply/help. This concerns me.

3: Its the basic idea that a tank should be able to do the most DPS. I can currently kill the t2 Hard mode boss in 3.43 seconds as a sentinel. I know thats top tier but I would be hard pressed to do it that fast on any other class. Also the rouge bug or exploit is a bit scary... I have try it myself and it is impossible to die. Hopefully this wasnt intended and will be addressed. 

4: Specifically agree with the Legacy change. I believe you guys are looking to change them because you hear negative feedback about that system. Please understand the only people commenting about it are usually people that do not like the system. Personally, I think it is great. I think you could probably TWEAK a few things here and there, but it would be very dangerous to completely change that system. Bullet Patterns should stay out of the legacy cards.... in my opinion that sounds like a whole mess and may ruin the game.

8: If nothing else here... just ADD additional hard content. This allows for new players to still enjoy the medium difficulty of the dungeons while giving old players something to work for. Without any goals you will start to lose your strongest players, some of which are key pieces in your community. 

I really hope the game takes off and look forward to improvements. 



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Adding on my own opinions regarding the points listed above. I'm gonna talk less about the bugs / issues regarding server stability as I feel that was well stated. 

1) Default State of the game. I understand the game is free. That being said I think there could be a bit more generosity to a base state of the game. I think possibly 2 crafting stations could be opened by default as it would be incredibly tedious for someone to move through the game with a single crafter in a basic state. I feel that for every character slot you have open you should be guaranteed 4 legacy slots which would make sense (i.e if you buy a 3rd character slot but do not buy extra legacy space you will have 12 possibly character legacy slots with only 10 total vault legacy spots). Default inventory of 40 feels fair but I think by default the vault space should be increased.  

2) Economy/Game Balance :  It is interesting to me in that once you have progressed in the game enough to gather sets of t5 and t9/t10 that all other classes of gear become useless. I feel that there should be some way to incorporate t1-t4 and t6-t8 into the game in a meaningful way other than having them exist to be dismantled. I'm not entirely sure how this could be done but it does seem important to implement.The other key aspect is how bloodstone is entering the game. The quest rewards are currently pitiful. Currently the main source of bloodstone is via supporter packs. While inherently not a bad thing I think this has inflated the price of items in the auction house and quest rewards of blood stones needs to be increased. The Electrum to BS auction house would allow people to purchase BS with real-world bound currency. I think generally the game needs another in game source of Bloodstone and the removal of bloodstone from all future possible microtransactions requiring real world $.

3) Combat : I feel that something that could be looked at is the scaling of dungeons between solo and team. It would result in an interesting dynamic and maybe make solo play a little more feasible. I also feel that there needs to be a method to increase the difficulty that is not simply increasing the health and the damage output of a boss and monsters. There has to be a more engaging way to increase the difficulty while still being enjoying. I feel that currently of the 6 classes none feel overpowered but it would be in the best interest of the game to make sure that specialization can occur and that focusing on the specialization of each character is vital to the game's future success. I don't want to play every character in the game in the same way and currently I think that you somewhat do.

4) Crafting :  Sephos hit the nail on the head in that for one the current crafting system feels like a microtransaction riddled mobile game. I don't know exactly how to go about changing it but i feel that the crafting system could be a really unique experience for this game. I think generally that crafting times could be decreased slightly. If Electrum is going to be allowed to skip crafting times the prices for this seem a bit high at the moment. At high tier crafting it feels very rewarding. Crafting a t9/t10 piece of equipment is incredibly satisfying because of the importance of that gear. If each tier of gear was managed to be important in the game in some fashion it would make the crafting experience as a whole much better.

5) The Well : I am by no means a great player. My highest well run is currently around 160k Valr. The biggest concern to me is that Valr increase in the well occurs at an exponential rate. I assume this is by design but I think it would be worth considering making it a linear gain of Valr in the well. Personally I think that the Well monsters are balanced moderately well though I think some higher level players with fairly high level cards think that it is not difficult enough. 


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I agree with everything said on here. I just wanna hit on the 2 things that bug me the most.

1. Class balance/stats- Some stats do things that dont make sense for example will power just like stated above makes sense on one half but then provides huge damage bonus. For classes like sentinel that should be more tanky focused, now does the most damage?! Takes away from classes that are squishy and meant for damage. 


2. Difficulty- I would love to see some actually challenging content for more hard core players. But the end game content we have now can be soloed and the final boss killed in under 20 seconds. It would be awesome to see more interactive dungeons encouraging group play. Also bosses that are just meat shields is boring. I suggest making bosses with more phases that have invincible periods where you are strictly dodging as i think that will increase the difficulty.



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I agree with most of the stuff said above me. I'm pretty much done with the game as I already have the best gear and so I have nothing else to do and will take a break from the game for some time until mentioned issues above will be fixed and new content added. I enjoyed my 181 hours of playtime and I wish everyone the best.


- Dean [Psychonauts]

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Hey there @Sephos - I apologize for the late response on this one, I read it right away and ticketed up the action items you outlined but apparently got distracted... and forgot to respond.

1. Server Stability -- We agree, the data needs to be compressed and optimized - that's next up on the table for us. It will hopefully address a lot of the lag or rubberbanding issues. You make a good point about security and the accessibility of this information as well.  Security, after our economy issues around the holiday, are a top priority. 

2. Bugs - well, obviously we don't want those, ha! We tackle them when they spring up, and I've made sure that the bugs you outlined have been ticketed and presented to the team. We also want to make sure that when we release hotfixes they don't introduce new issues, as that takes away from the purpose of a hotfix - we're discussing what that means, whether it means slower hotfixes or something different entirely.

3. Class Balance - I also agree that our classes could use a little reworking, which will largely happen in our AL/subclass rework. The rework will let you customize these classes further to your liking and have more of an impact on their stats and the way that their special abilities can support their role in team play.

4. Imprints - The double imprint issue has thankfully been resolved! It is still likely that prefixes will be added to our legacy system, but the system will be reworked entirely to the point that it no longer resembles its current state and should hopefully get around the points you mentioned.

5. UI - We agree with this too. I've put in some tickets that will allow for more customization of our UI, from scaling to keybindings. I like the counter idea, we also want to update icons on the map so it's clearer if a teammate has died!

6. Legacies - rework will zap this. The well has been expanded since this post, thank you for the tip! It was from this ticket that we expanded it.

7. Crafting - will always be a WIP, but it's been really helpful reading some of the other comments both on this thread and on the forums regarding proposed changes. Keep the feedback coming!

8. We've scaled up difficulty this week and will be scaling up rewards to match! I like the idea of having a special trigger or alternative goal within the dungeon.

Thank you again for taking the time to share this, and for your patience - I made a lot of tickets from the content on this thread!

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One thing I would like to see is scaling of of influence buffs. The longer the influence stays in effect weaker it should get (waning) and the influences not in effect should (wax).Like a active influence can get maybe 30% weaker each weak (down to only being 10% at max) and non active influences would grow in power by 5% each week. Maybe keep the limit for max waxing to 2-3 times normal values.

That way the same influence is not spammed over and over, of course the values can be changed, but I want a healthy mix of all influences to be seen while playing. These will still let us control what buffs we get each week (which I like about the game) while encouraging to aim for different buffs every now and then.  

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