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Is there any info on all of the bullet patterns with images?

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Lately I've been trying to get something other than the Penta wavy I had. Wondering if something else would be more useful. I saw a video of someone with a fragmentation and it seemed to have a good amount of distance so I decided to try rerolling. Now as I sit twiddling my thumbs on whatever pattern I'm currently stuck on I'm wondering if I should just stop and make use of the one I currently have.

Right now I have Long Range Ricochet. It's not quite Fragmentation I'm sure but it take care of the range situation. Hopefully I'll eventually get a alternate weapon with a imprint on it to have a fallback when I get a bad roll. Since I'm not sure how it stacks up, how bad is Ricochet? It seems like it can bounce back to a target that was hit already, but I'm not sure. It looks like it can bounce up to 3 times, but the targeting of the third bounce looks random as you can see below, avoiding the bug to the right edge of the capture.



Wavy Penta


Quad Spread



Penta Spread



Fragmentation is hard t capture, here's a video of it being used.

Triple shot was just 3 shots in the same direction tightly packed beside each other.

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Frag is overall a Very solid prefix. Good dmg, good range, good energy gain.


Wavy penta has the potential to best DPS. I woulndnt use this prefix on squishy classes tho, unless you are powerful enough to 1 shot everything. Including t9/t10 content.

All of the 4+ shot patterns fallen into that gategory, penta does More dmg per shot than quad, But quad wavy has much better shot pattern, making It easier to confirm all bullets.


Long rico is only good for energy gain, it has propably the lowest damage out of all prefixes.


Piercing could be good on other classes But harb.  Just have to aim a little. I believe its dmg stays the same compared to standard bullet pattern.


Double helix and triple shot are decent. Not best at anything But not total garbage either.

Short But powerful has like 75% range compared to standard. 1.3x damage modifier tho.



I recommebd using multiple shot prefixes

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Thanks for the breakdown, I will use this information as I reroll. I appreciate this very much, and I hope others that google for this info on this find your post.

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Flanking is a 3 way shot ( i dont currently have a screenshot) where you fire one attack straight forward (as you normally would) and 2 others one to each side, at a 90 degree angle

this means you fire front, left and right.

the sideways attacks have shorter range than your main attack (about 50% less range)

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I happen to have two infiltrator weapons with Flanking and Accelerating.  Sorry for the quality of the gifs, the site won't let me post them directly.





I don't know if its an optical illusion with the GIF, but to me at least, it makes the knives look like they are flying back toward me.  They aren't.  They start out moving forward slowly, and then accelerate away in a straight path.  Meaning the gap between the knives will start small, and then increase as they get farther away.  The projectiles also go farther overall than the standard shot.

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