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Endurance Decreases And Ground Effects

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Posted (edited)

Update: This first post was completely wrong.  I corrected it using information provided by Thysiazo.

Below uses my current mental framework for how Endurance works.  If any of this is not accurate or straight out wrong, please help me understand where my thinking is flawed.

I believe with the way Endurance Damage Reduction currently interacts with ground effects, players with decreasing Endurance Damage Reduction can be at a bit of disadvantage when it comes to the window in which they are given to act.

Currently, ground effects continuously increase by a constant amount each tick  Resin, for example, will start out at 15 damage, and add an additional 15 damage each tick (15, 30, 45, etc).  For lava and tar, the constant is 30.  For each tick, the total damage amount is subtracted from a player's damage reduction value.  A player will not take any visible damage until their endurance DR has been exceeded.  Another example, if a player has 30 damage reduction, they will not see any damage from resin for the first tick of 15, nor the second tick of 30.  On the third tick of 45 overall damage, they will take 15 damage. This is the 30 damage reduction subtracted from the 45 raw damage, for 15 damage taken.  On the next tick, they will take 30 damage.  This will continue until the player loses the debuff by stepping out of the effect, the ground effect despawns, or death.

An potential issue arises when a player experiences a damage reduction drop during the ground debuff.  Suddenly, the amount being subtracted from the ground damage is a lot less, but the tick damage remains at the original raw amount, resulting in an sudden "jump" in damage.

Pretend said player is a Druid in Bear form travelling through a ground effect.  Then, the druid runs out of energy and loses bear form.  Suddenly, the druid has lowered their endurance by 25% (or more with the Thick Hide Legacy).  The next tick of the ground effect will increase by the standard 15/30 AND whatever amount of damage reduction was lost by the player. 

The same can occur for shrine expiration, Geomancers with Deflective Obsidian, Infiltrators with Evasive Escape, or the loss of any other temporary endurance increase.  This can also occur with Spawn Protection.  I was able to take 189 damage on the first visible tick of tar in T3 after the buff dropped.

While this could be considered "working as intended", I still consider it a bit of an oddity. Along with the difficult and unreliable charge in bear form, as well as the locked shot pattern, this is another potential detriment to the class.  It could be solved by "snapshotting" the damage reduction when the debuff starts, but this may be abusable in other scenarios. 

Has anyone experienced this in practice and consider it an actual issue?


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I really don´t know the numbers behind damage per second mechanic. But what I do know is that I lost more characters than I can remember to it...

I have lost 800 hp in one second to venom/fire debuffs and till today remains an enigma to me.

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I tested the damage from ground effects, and they seem to work a little differently. I'll use lava as an example:


This lava does +30 damage over time. On the first tick, it will do 30 damage. On the second tick, 60 damage. On the third, 90 damage.

If a player has 140 damage reduction, their first hit will be for 10 damage on the fifth tick. So it'll be like:

    DoT (Actual)
1.  30 (0)
2.  60 (0)
3.  90 (0)
4.  120 (0)
5.  150 (10)
6.  180 (40)
7.  210 (70)
8.  240 (100)
9.  270 (130)
10. 300 (160)

From the ground effects I saw on the overworld, Resin has +15 DoT, while Lava and Tar both have +30.

For a player with very high endurance, there will be more time before they start taking damage, but the actual damage progression should be similar to a player with lower endurance.

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Posted (edited)

This makes sense, and how I originally thought it would work, but other players were reporting dying instantly. I should have tested it myself :(Could other ground effects work differently?

Edit: No, you seem to be correct.  There is some fluctuation on the first tick, due to the endurance threshold, but Resin seems to increase 15 and Lava seems to increase 30 each tick.  Not sure why players are saying they are dying in 1 to 2 ticks.  Either they are not seeing the ticks (maybe they can't see the numbers in the Lava) or there is something else going on.

Another edit: It is hard to test without me keeling over, but when I see the first damage number and remove a piece of gear, I believe the damage numbers "jump". Hard to tell.  Maybe the people that report dying are Druids losing Bear form or other endurance buffs in the effect?

The health difference I could see: 

HP Tick Difference
768 0 -
756 12 12
714 42 30
592 122 80
440 152 30
256 184 32





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