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Rollback Rewards Missing

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What type of bug is it? : Mailbox rewards missing

What should happen? : unclaimed rewards should be able to claim

What actually happens? : unclaimed rewards are missing

Can you replicate it ? : not if they are missing

(if you can) How can you replicate it? :

Other information :

I was very early to login to the game and saw i had mail in my mailbox. I went to see what the "Rollback Rewards" were and was looking through them when I was disconnected by "Session Timeout". I did not yet get to claim them. Once I logged back in from that, there was not even mail for the rollback rewards. The mail said that the rewards were for playing through this past Rollback Week. Its not fair that I was unable to receive these rewards on account of a bug. Especially while the Auction house and the Exchange are both disabled. I cannot sell or buy for Bloodstones/Electrum. 

Is it possible to issue another mail to me to fix this? Please help me.

Screenshots :


Screenshot (3).png

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Compensation for the rollback will be resent once we resolve why the silver component is creating problems.

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Hi its been a week since OP, I still have yet to receive this first set of rollback rewards even though the silver coin issue is fixed. I am not happy to have been forgotten about so easily. Almost makes me not want to play this game. 

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