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I want to play harbinger main but im unsure what cards and prefix to use. I tend to die a lot with harbinger compared to other classes. Can you give me some tips ? (im 25 have 4 harbinger cards, 2 fragmantation imprints, full t9 gear)

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I don't think Harbingers typically run many "defensive" Legacies, other than what is provided via additional endurance through Harbinger Mastery.

I believe most Harbingers have a defense through offense playstyle.  They gain energy through a wide area prefix, such as Staggered or Long Range Ricochet combined with Followup.  Then, primarily rely on special attack damage, killing enemies before they ever become a threat.

The 4 common Legacies are:

1. Followup 2. Target Weakness 3. Target Vitals 4. Harbinger Master

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