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Activities And Rewards, Divide and Conquer

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So, right now, we have a number of rewards:

  • Tiered Gear
    • Gear Levels 
    • Gear Prefixes 
    • Gear Suffixes
  • Charms
    • Charm Level
  • Relics
  • Legacies
  • Crafting Materials
    • Crafting Levels
  • Potions

The problem is that  there is essentially only one thing to do to advance all of them.  That is follow the core game play loop of  Kill Monsters > Get /Complete Quest for Key > Complete Dungeon.  If you follow this loop you'll eventually earn every reward, time gating is achieved through use of RNG and exponential grinding.  This, to me, makes new "things" (like when charms were introduced) less exciting, because they are essentially just an added reward for continuing the same treadmill.  There's some complexity in HOW you achieve certain things (i.e. crafting materials gotten by breaking down gear...but that gear still comes from the same loop).

I would prefer to see the game loop broken up into distinct activities.  These Distinct activities should reward you with Distinct rewards, allowing you to choose what you want to achieve on any given play.  

I'll stick with Gear & Charms and propose a system:

  • Tiered Gear T1-T9  is gained as per the standard game-play loop.  The Tiered gear that drops is basic, without any pre-fixes, or suffixes.
  • Then you can add Prefix/Suffix To do so:
    • Buy a blank parchment from Vendor, or craft specific parchment template
    • Go to certain overworld areas (for example, Druid Circle) and activate the activity
    • Proceed to kill wave's of mobs that attack the area, defeat boss monsters that spawn during waves
    • Gain mystical energy on blank parchment (essentially XP) until parchment is full
    • Convert charged Parchment to a random (or specified for crafted) prefix/Suffix
    • Attach to weapon
    • Repeat with new parchment
  • Charms:  Charms work in a similar fashion.  After reaching T6, you get a new equipment slot, for charm incubators.  
    • Charm incubators serve 2 purposes. 
      • Charm incubators have a "Challenge" system attached to it, that can be toggled on or off. 
        • The challenge is some sort of (random?) penalty or hindrance assigned to the character (Slower walking speed, shorter shot, perhaps a specific activity such as T2 Hard, etc)
      • While the challenge is "on", xp earned through normal gameplay is translated into Charm XP, which is then used to level the charm up, without resorting to clogging up the inventory of the player

In the vein of the above suggestion, when you decide to add in a new feature set of rewards into the game, do so with new adventures in mind.  Something that is either a different gameplay loop, or tweaks an existing gameplay loop in a meaningful and interesting way.

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That's a super cool idea! We want our core game loop to be familiar and serve as many purposes as possible but we're also trying to find less-conventional ways for players to enjoy the Heartlands. For example, the Invasion event introduces a mini tower defense element that's used to get imprinted gear. That's cool! Your idea about gear and charms has a similar feel to it.- a way to take existing game systems and locations and make item improvements into a fun quest process. I like this a lot, thank you for posting! I'd love to see if anyone has additional  systems that they'd like a little extra adventure added to.

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