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Rollback Rewards

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Hello, Ancestors!

I wanted to make sure that I followed up regarding our plans for those impacted by the rollback on December 28th. Our initial plan was to send all players impacted a combination of: 45 Bloodstone, 1000 Valr, 3X reward aura stones, 250 promotional electrum, and 5000 silver.

After further evaluation (and wrangling an existing bug with sending Valr) we have increased the rewards amd sent this reward out today to all players who logged in and lost progress as a result of the rollback on December 28th.

-100 Bloodstone
-1,000 promotional electrum
-10,000 silver

This reward can be claimed at your mailbox in town. As always, we never want to roll back progress unless we have no other option, but we hope that this reward makes up for it.

All the best,

- The Survived By Team

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