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Keybindings Not Functioning After Resurgence

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Just an FYI, everyone's keybindings are probably again messed up after this patch, changed to unusable key combinations.  You have to apply defaults, then reset your keybindings.

Again, I tried to outline a lot of the issues in this thread:


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As pointed out by @CJBael in discord:


F12 brings up the Report a Bug screen, really terrible keybind to set since Steam uses that for Screenshots by default!


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Another keybind issue:

  • "Backspace", the default cancel key, takes priority to close the Window when Character name input has focus for Create New Character.  This means unless you change keybindings, you cannot use backspace.  You must highlight the text and use the "Delete" key to remove text.

I'll add this, more a window issue, but likely the result of the keybind changes:

  • Escape Opens and Closes Main Menu in one action if Main Menu was closed via the mouse on previous open. To replicate:
  1. Open Main Menu by hitting Escape (default key)
  2. Hit the X on the top right of the window to close it with the mouse
  3. Hit the Escape (default menu) key again.
  4.  You should see the menu open and quickly close.
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I should also add that "backspace" and "return" are not a great choice for a default keybinds, especially for a quick option to accept/decline.  You want them to be near the players left hand position.  Default double bind accept and interact on E was nice.  If not, I'd consider making the default accept key F, and moving the essence key.  I don't believe that bind currently has a function? Or you could make the default interact key F, which would make it F to pay respects (I just had to look up the meme to understand why) and then have E free for accept.

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