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Devstream Early Acess #5 Overview - Resurgence and future contents

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Devstream Early Acess #5 Overview



We only got a few annoncements in the devstream, most of the live has been used to show how the new event Resurgence works, as i already explained in the last overview , i leave you the link if you want to know how it work



Content this month

  • Relic rework will come first the 16th, it's will increase the utility and values of the relics.
  • Overal of the quest are comming this month to the 23th, new quests and new way to get them (more information in the previews overview)



  • Party system is comming before guild
  • Rework of legacy is comming in 1-3 mounth, the legacy will have a true impact on the gameplay, and we will create sub class for each class
  • If your holiday consumable stuff get removed, you can contact the support to get refund (https://survivedby.zendesk.com/hc/en-us)
  • Pet update is far away because devs want to rework more things before, like the ancestral legacy with the new sub class stuff.
  • Each player that enter in the dungeon make the dungeon 80% harder.
  • Dev want to remove level restriction for dungeons if the others players are in your friend list
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