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Character Creation Issues

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Issues I encountered when testing Character Creation:

  • "Backspace", the default cancel key, takes priority to close the Window when Character name input has focus for Create New Character.  This means unless you change keybindings, you cannot use backspace.  You must highlight the text and use the "Delete" key to remove text. (Listed this bug in keybindings thread as well)
  • After a player has had several player deaths, loading the Family Tree becomes an issue.  If you watch the session log while it is occurring, a lot of info is being logged.  The game lags out and on less powerful computers, it seems to crash. (Or if people become impatient and hit the close program button when the program not responding window appears)
  • Help Question Mark on the Character Creation screen does nothing
  • Selecting a previous character on the tree fills in the character name input with the former characters name AND the roman numeral.  Example,  HH_Katherine has had several characters named ChickNug. If she selected ChickNug III, it would try to name her player "ChickNug III HH_Katherine XV".  No one wants to name their player ChickNug III.  It should only copy the player name, not the name suffix.  
  • Related to the above, if the name is long enough, you will receive an error that the name is too long because again it fills not only a previous name, but adds the suffix that appeared with that name

Also, I attempted to replicate a bug a player previously had linked a video of in Discord. He attempted to banish one character, saw the warning message twice, hit yes/ok to both, and it ended up banishing the character he selected AND the character in slot 1.  I was not able to replicate this.  Either it has already been patched or there are more requirements to replicate the issue.

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