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Future suggestions for the game.

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To these future suggestions i will be adding more in the future so feel free to change something that u didint like.

This topic was made just so u could  give an idea to think about something new. Tried to make this topic clear as i could and thanks for ur Time.

Warning to the players: These suggestions are not in my power to accomplish most of them might not even exist in the future its just a suggestons to the game creators.

  1. Guild- you can invite players to the guild where you can meet in the "Guild Hall" (building for the Guild members only).
  2. Party- you can invite players, friends, guild members to the party for boss raiding.
  3. Party members interface- health and energy shows on the side of the screan with hide option.
  4. Boss Raiding- New Bosses that are very strong and would need number of players to defeat. Bosses like Dragons, Kraken, Hydra, Leviathan...
  5. That annoying and loud rummbling sound- volume option. 
  6. Races- Races for the classes like Humans, Orcs, Elfs, Dwarfs, Undead... Every race can have different passives. Like Dwarfs lower crafting time, human higher HP/Reg...
  7. PVP- Player versus Player arena fight.
  8. Arena- A place where people can fight each other.
  9. Tower Dungeon- Dungean that is like tower the higher u go the stronger monsters get, the stronger monsters better dropps you get.
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Hi @DeduleStapa ! I'll try to run through each:
1 - Guild - we have this planned to release in the next several months!
2- Party - these should be released in February with most of the functionality you listed.
3 - Party members interface - this will be a part of the Feb update.
4 - We have a boss raid for end-game players :) They're located inside the tower! We will be adding more in the future, but for now we have Conduit of Fire.
5 - I assume you mean the earthquake sounds? I've put in a ticket to disable the earthquakes in general with a toggle effect.
6 - We'll be adding subclasses in our Ancestral Legacy overhaul that will take place in March - that should have a similar effect!
7 - We've talked about adding a PvP server or arena, while it likely won't happen for a while, it's something we're considering!
8 - See 7 :)
9 - We've also discussed having a neverending dungeon mode where players can keep running through one big dungeon and exit at will - possibly with its own leaderboard! This is another feature that wouldn't come for quite a while but isn't off the table.

Thank you for sharing these ideas and giving us your feedback, let me know how the raids go!


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14 hours ago, xuton said:

umm... question - have you reached level 25 yet?

well yes i did but i didint had the time to use all the futures ;) have a work to do u know :D

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