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We're Adding Weekly Quests! Ideas?

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Hello, Ancestors! 

In addition to a slew of new daily quests (details coming soon!) we are adding weekly quests to Survived By. These quests will run on a 7-day timer and will generally focus on larger goals that take longer to complete. For example: players must kill X bosses, clear X Resurgence Events, etc. These quests will have a big reward upon completion.

Every week, we'd pull one of these quests out of a pool and make it available. They would never be back-to-back, so each week would present a new challenge.

But now, we need your help! What kinds of weekly quests do you want to play? What would be the most fun? What would you find challenging?

We can't wait to hear your ideas!

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The idea is a weekly board with Dungeon Tier you want to select. The more Tier more reward.

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1. Random (category) monster annihilation: XX~XXX number
2. Random Elite Monsters annihilation mission: XX~XX number
3. Random Boss Challenge: Number of X
4. Assist the shrine in intrusion or have new challenges.
5.  make a world boss? When prompted: XXX appears + position + prompt sound effect, and flashes the prompt at the location of the map until it is destroyed.

According to the level: give the task.
Specify a monster prompt.
Shrine Intrusion Prevention: The prompt needs to be strengthened, and there is a bug, so that the player can not receive the prompt.
It is best to prompt the position + position target flash prompt until the end of the mission.
Chat rooms often have problems and are often not received in chat rooms.
You can add the prompt location + time remaining when logging in.

Or making new challenges
Teleport portal will appear in the village at some time.
Then will meet a series of challenges, old players to protect new players, this task will last at least 30 minutes or so
For example: defending an item from damage for a limited time, protecting the item in the middle, after a certain period of time, it will release the protective cover or heal the player, and then there are 6 to 8 roads. In a limited time, a large number of monsters and elite blam will be attack item ,player. the last 5 minutes or so, each side will appear boss (because most of the boss can not move, need to make a new boss)
About 2 minutes, the residual boss will be replaced by special bosses to strengthen the destruction.

Guardian, an item (important person) that will move, and a escort mission to somewhere.
There is a poison fog on the road (T8 "fixes the player's light"? ),Some traps, monsters, elite monsters, bosses, to block players.
In a week, you need to complete several times before you can get rewards.

(Maybe shortening time, increasing monster strength)

If the monster is too strong, you should have a red warning menu before entering.

Ignoring defensive attacks can shorten the gap between equipment and rank.

In the mission, the monster will also drop some items to reward the player to participate!

The monster needs to be remade, the same monster has always appeared... a little not suitable.
Maybe  can make some "traps"

213.png.98560c3065c97ac6f1649f009cca4882.pngThis design can be used in many places! Can have a menu to turn it on or off

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17 hours ago, ApfelSwag said:

You need to add if new players should be able to complete these challenges or not.

Good call! We want to make them as inclusive as possible - it's not as likely that *brand-new* level 1 players will always have the ability to complete them, but they should be accessible by most players under 25.

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You should not only add weekly quest but also add repeatable and daily quests.

Say for example,

Weekly Quest = 100k silver / 150 bloodstones
Daily Quest = 15k silver / 30 bloodstones
Repeatable Quests 5k -> 10k silver / 0-4 bloodstones (This would be great because farming will be more efficient because you are grinding and doing quests at the same time, I recommend 0 to a few amount of bloodstones because it would make acquisition of bs easier, however for silver I intended it to be 5000 to 10000 per finishing because silver is really hard to grind especially when a player only relies on tier 9 dungeon which has a LOW drop rate for equipments that we can sell.)

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Hey there XReap - definitely! We're actually releasing a new set of daily quests this month, but there are a few already in the game - check out the T3, T6, or T7 zone and keep an eye out for a questgiver!

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I think this would be a good opportunity to try out something new in the game, instead of dailies except larger goals and larger rewards, what if the weekly quest was more like a weekly challenge. A lot like the tier 6 daily where it spawns a unique boss, even though its basically just the t6 kraken's hot headed sibling, the weekly challenge could be an entire dungeon with similar mobs and boss mechanics, but more difficult with equally more rewards. You could have different varying difficulties with recommended gear, like "Tier 5 gear recommended," and with the new relic system that has come out, maybe even one dungeon tier that has increased difficulty to match them. There's lots of things you can do with this, but I think its worth a shot to kind of test the waters with it using weeklies, and see how people like it.

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Hi there, @neien! In general, we really like the idea of some sort of "challenge" dungeon. We would consider implementing that as a separate, new system for us to expand on rather than have it be a weekly quest - partially because our current concept is something like a "neverending dungeon." The goal would be to see how far you could get, how long you could survive, how many enemies you could kill, and so on. It would be a little while before this was added, but I think it would be pretty similar to the concept you suggested - we could have challenge dungeons of different levels and requirements.

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