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Question about legacies

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I'd like to know how the challenges and achievements system works (regarding rewarding legacies) or if there's something off at the moment. I've been completing them and killing my characters but the amount of legacies that I get is different from the amount of challenges completed. I get far less than expected. So I'd like to know if there's something off at the moment, if it's a bug, if I'm missing some information...

Thanks in advance. (y)

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Percentage based.

Challenge I: Standard Ancestral Legacy 10%
Challenge II: Standard Ancestral Legacy 15%
Challenge III: Standard Ancestral Legacy 15%, Premium Ancestral Legacy 10%
Challenge IV:  Premium Ancestral Legacy 25%

Standard Ancestral Legacy: Common 90%, Uncommon 10%
Premium Ancestral Legacy: Uncommon 75%, Rare 25%

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Oh, no. It's definitely consistent. Hahahahaha. I didn't know about "chance" thing. I just read, complete this and premium legacy, assumed there wasn't a chance involved.

Thanks @KararTY and @hh_katherine. (y)


Maybe this should be explicit inside the game, in the tutorial or the challange / achievement UI.

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