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Survived By Early Access Week 9 + 10

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Hello, Ancestors!

Today's the day - we're releasing a major Relic Update and we've added Leaderboards to the Well!

After releasing our preview, we received feedback that our relic update needed some reworking. This revised version is what will be going live today.

Revised Relics

  • Your first relic consumed will provide a major stat increase
  • Reaching level 2 requires that you consume 5 more relics (provides the pre-patch equivalent of consuming one relic)
  • Higher levels will require additional relics but the benefit of this update is that now you can keep consuming relics to get higher stats instead of the previous low cap
  • By consuming a total of 40 relics, you will reach the equivalent of double the pre-patch stats cap from relics
  • You can continue to gain greater power by leveling up your relic level to 99

For these updates and so much more, please head over to our Patch Notes! We will host a developer stream today from 4-5PM CT where we will discuss today's update and do a few Hard Mode Dungeon runs to grab some relics of our own - tune in for the chance to win some promotional Electrum!

We'll see you in the Heartlands.

- The Survived By Team

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