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Future of SB

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So I've been playing Survived By for a few weeks now, and I have to say, I really do love this game. It has so much potential, and its already so great already. With that said, I'd like to offer my own views and advice going forward, and would enjoy hearing others thoughts on the future of SB as well. 
So first, regarding the patch that is coming out today regarding super late game with relics and the large scaling that comes with it. I do like that there's kind of a huge scaling system being added to the game like this, but I do not see it as something that makes anyone "special." Whether you have a ton of relics or only a few, it still doesn't make people feel like they are on a different level from other people, just that they've spent more time on the game. With that said, if something was added to the game where people in their classes could be more unique, the relic system being added today would support that, kind of bringing the game more together. For example, lets say two Infiltrators both enjoy playing the class different ways. Maybe one focus's more on clearing rooms with aoe damage, but struggles a bit more on boss's. Then the other has trouble clearing rooms, but can melt boss's with single target damage.
Right now, this isn't even something that would work even if you added unique things like that to class's, because there's no benefit really in clearing rooms, unless you want crafting materials, which really isn't that great. So what all of this comes down to, is more variety. More complexity, and changing what drops from boss's and mobs, so there's benefit in both, and while you can focus on making your character clear rooms, or clear boss's, or settle in the middle, that it stills feel good to play the game no matter your play style.
This probably sounds like I'm asking for the impossible, since if all of this could happen overnight, it'd be great, but that's pretty unlikely. Which is why I'm posting this on the forums in hopes that other people will offer their own ideas and advice for the future of SB. I mean, if I already enjoy the game as it is right now in Early Access, imagine how much not only myself, but others would enjoy the game if even more things were added like this. 

So with all of this said, I do have on idea to start things off, and that'd be to make crafting more complex, not in the process itself, but the depth for it. Currently you craft items with materials, which can be upgraded, dropped, or gotten from dismantling, and you can craft with imprints to gain prefix's and suffix's. There's also sockets and charms that can be put in those sockets as well. I think something that would be really neat in the game, would be to keep the weapons and gear we have in the crafting options now, but maybe something like discoverable recipes for new gear and weapons of similar tiers. The gear and weapon recipes could have unique passives to them, adding a whole new area of variety for builds for classes in the game. 
As far as making it worthwhile to clear rooms in comparison to just killing bosses, this is one thing that might help with that, since people will want to kill mobs to get these recipes that drop from everything. Although once you have all the recipes, then its back to just killing boss's for relics again, so here is where some depth in crafting can come in. I was thinking of maybe adding some items that drop from mobs that allow some cool stuff like adding a unique passive to a weapon, so lets say you have your original weapon with a nice prefix and suffix on it, and don't want to craft another weapon with them, you can roll a unique passive onto the weapon you already have, kind of like the reroll system for prefix's and suffix's, but with the unique passives. Stuff like this, getting your gear even better with what you put on it, and with variety by adding the unique stuff to it, people can feel farther apart from others of the same class, and feel good about not only the relics they've obtained, but the gear they worked so hard for as well. 

There's so much you can do, but these were just a few ideas I'd thrown together, would love to hear some input on these ideas, as well as the ideas of others so we can make Survived By into an even better game that people can enjoy for years to come.

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Hey there Neien! I have some good news, actually - a few of the things you listed are already in the works and will be released in the next few months!

We agree that it would be awesome to be able to experience the classes in your own unique way, and to customize them to your playstyle -- this will be a part of our Ancestral Legacy rework. Legacies will allow you to build a subclass by combining different ALs to choose your bullet pattern, which variation of your special attack you'd like to use, and how you'd like to customize your build to meet DPS/Tank/Healer roles. Right now that change is scheduled for March, I'm very excited about it!

Discoverable recipes are a really cool idea - right now you can _sort of_ do this by unlocking a new crafting tier, but I love the idea that earning a certain achievement will give you the blueprints to craft a unique item. This is a great concept, and I'll submit a ticket request for it now!

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your feedback, I've really enjoyed reading it - and I'm so happy to hear that you're having a good time!

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