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Devstream Early Acess #7 Overview

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Devstream Early Acess #7 Overview



Weekly update review :

Like every devstream, the first part was for speak about the weekly update and review it, i put you a link to the update thread :



Party :

The Party system is finnaly here, it's will you add the ability to :

  • Have a Party Chat
  • Seeing Minimap icons for party members
  • Invite/vote to kick


Weekly Quests :

  • - Can be completed once per account
  • - Resets on Wednesday at 11CST
  • - 7 quests in the pool, one per hard mode dungeon
  • - They won't repeat in consecutive weeks
  • - Each will have 4 parts
  • - Rewards Will includes

               -  Silver for each lum-in

               - An Influence buff from the appropriate boss, lasting 7 daus

               - The Zenith is being removed


Exemple of an Weekly Quest : Sentinel Quest :


Part 1 : Rose to the Ocassion

  • The most important rite in our order is to lay the winter bloom upon the graves of our forebearers. It is time for you to undertake this mission. Collect the flowers from a dozen winter blooms.


Part 2 : Grave Concerns

  • With the winter blooms collected, you should now lay them upon the graves of the great heroes of the order. All of the graves are in the Haven. Lay blooms at each tomb in the haven.


Part 3 : Alpha Test

  • It is most troubling that all the tombs have been desecrated! It would seem the tomb of the Great Lord Commander has likewise been desecrated, and his great sword taken. We must recover it! We must find the location of the Alpha, who will undoubtedly have the sword. Kill Wolf Warriors until you find a clue to where he is Hiding


Part 4 : Sent in

  • The Wolf Lord has taken the sword ! Visit his den and take him down and recover the Lord Commander's sword



Wolf Lord the boss of the quest



Bugs :

  • The Infiltrator invinsibility bug trigger has been find by the devs and will be fix soon
  • Locus bug finnaly fixed


A new type of stream has been annonced the day of the update with others members of the team, the devstream will still happend

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Awesome overview as always, Wind_Blade :D! Thank you so much for tuning in - I'm excited for these new quests to be released!

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