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Build 4237 Issues

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Adding issues as I find them:

  • The Leaderboard remembers the last tab selected (Kills or Time), but always defaults to Kills view, resulting in a situation where the "Time" tab is selected, but the "Kills" leaderboard is shown.
    1. View Leaderboard.
    2. Select Time
    3. Close Leaderboard
    4. Open Leaderboard



  • Tutorial is only accessible on the "Play Options" screen if the "settings" was not viewed on the Log in screen.
    • If you click this button:


  • The tutorial will remain disabled on the "Play screen" when you click this button:


  • Closing the Settings screen with the escape key does not prompt for unsaved changes, but keeps the changes.  However, those changes will be lost on logout and/or rezone.  Example: electrum potions will revert on rezone.  Fullscreen mode will revert on logout.  Also, if you then re-enter settings, you will not get a prompt about unsaved changes when switching tabs.  Unsaved changes seem to be completely lost.  If you go back in and make a second change and save, the first change is still reverted on log out and in.  Example:
    1. While logged in, Select Settings -> Gameplay -> toggle Display Ping.  Notice the change is immediate.
    2. Hit the escape keybind.  Notice the change is still in effect.
    3. Go back into settings and switch tabs between Graphics, Gameplay.  There is no "unsaved changes" prompt.
    4. Log out and in.  Notice the Ping Display will return to original state.
    5. Repeat Steps 1-3.
    6. Select Graphics -> Toggle Enable Weather.
    7.  Save.
    8. Logout and back in.
    9. Notice Display Ping is back to the original state.  It did not save with the secondary change.


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  • The Settings menu when closed with the red X at the top and then opened via the Escape key again will open and immediately close.
    • Hit Escape to open the Settings Menu
    • Click the red "X" to close the window the mouse.
    • Hit Escape Again
  • Likely related, if the escape settings are opened by clicking the cog wheel under the map with the mouse, escape must be hit twice to close the settings window.


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I reported this bug before, but it seemed like people were unaware during the live stream.

If you manually select a server, then close the game at any point, the game will forget your server and put you on a default server.  It will, however still show you that you are going to the server you manually set in settings.

The green text is a live look at the output_log.txt.  Notice the Invalid backend url, and the second log is NOT going to US5, but US1.  At the end, I show it still shows US5 in the settings.

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