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24 pieces of mail involving the Leaderboard.

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The leaderboard definitely bugged out, considering for one.. it won't reset for a year.

But I also got about 24 mail for my spot on the leaderboard for apparently.. 5 different placements? and none of them actually counted my actual placement which was around 43 when I went to sleep. I'm just bringing it up here because I grabbed about 24k Valr which is essentially nothing considering upgrade costs, and I really don't want to get banned for "Exploiting a bug" for something that is actually fairly useless. Especially since I bought all the starter packs to support this game.

Also, I don't really know if it was a bug, but for my placement of 43rd I got about 244k Valr.. and I was only in there for around 90 seconds. I probably killed around 240-ish of the Wraiths with about 30 of them being greater wraiths. I've NEVER done this good before since I never went into the well with good gear, but thanks to the offerings I was able to bring 3 pieces of t9 in. But that's fairly close to the 250k cap isn't it? I was just curious if the game somehow bugged out and awarded me a stupid amount of points considering usually I only kill one wraith and that only gives me about 10 Valr.


I absolutely spent it on my only Legendary, even if it probably wasn't the best one:


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