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Death by Design - Every Dungeon is an Infinite Dungeon.

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When a boss is defeated, 2 portals appear.
The first portal leads you back to the heartland, to safety.
The second portal leads to the next level of the dungeon, but requires an extra key.
Each dungeon level increases Map size by 1 room,  Enemy HP 30%,  XP Gained 20%,  Enemy Damage 15%,  and Drop Rate 10%.
Bonuses compound multiplicatively onto stats from the previous level.
This mechanic scales indefinitely.
Greed is a Sin.
You will die.

enemy level scales by 1 each time for crit resist/accuracy,
miniboss rooms begin at dungeon level 10+ and have the bounty mobs from that tier,
'magic merchant' at the start of every 10th floor for selling items without recall to town,
dungeon depth increases chance for dangerous chests, their difficulty ratio, and their possible reward,
extreme depths begin to increase monster variety in some rooms, minibosses begin to appear in groups.

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Hello! We love the idea of an infinite dungeon, it's something we've been toying with for a while. I believe that the current vision is it's something you can enter with your party or guild (in the future) and see how far you can get/how many beasts you can kill, etc. to earn your place on an infinite dungeon scoreboard. I believe it's not scheduled for a while, so I can't give an exact ETA, but it's something that's definitely on the radar.

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