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Relic System

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Today I want to address the entirety of the Relic System as it is now and address: what I like / problems I see / possible solutions.

Farming t9 and t10 gives you relics which increase your stats a great amount. You can level each relic level from 1 to 99.

What I like: 
Well this provides more of a reason to farm t9s/t10s. You need those relics. The more grind the better the stats you have AND if you want more of a specific stat you can focus on just that relic. I love grinding and leveling up so its a very cool system and adds a lot more DEPTH/LIFE/CONTENT to the game.


NUMBER 1: Relics and their Leveling system
I like how you can level them up and gain more stats... but it becomes pointless after a certain amount of time. Eventually you are spending hours and hours just to level yourself up once more for +5 swiftness which hardly helps you at all. I like to compare this leveling system to Runescape as most people have played this at some point. In Runescape you can level your skills from 1-99 and get better as you improve. However, at certain levels you can use better gear (rune pickaxe, or even mining rarer material)... In SB as you level up the diminishing returns start to hit you hard. The only reason someone would eventually get to 99 is purely just to say he made it to 99. So... what does it take to get to lv 99 in SB? Well, if you are fast and can complete a t3 dungeon in 2 minutes on average, then you will have to spend 266.6 hours farming to each to 99. Now, I personally love a challenge like this... however their is just NO intensive to do it. In runescape you continuously got upgrades, could farm better material, and even got a skill cape at the end of it all. Where as in SB, the only thing that happens from level 50-99 is very slight state increases. 

Solution 1) Well, you could lower the cap of relics ( more like realm of the mad god and their potion cap ) so instead of farming 4,000 relics to max out at lv 99 you could farm more like 500 so you still have a lot of work to get max but at least its achievable.
Solution 2) Change the way relics and relic leveling works. Add incentives for people to reach higher and higher levels. Even something like a Cosmetic Item would be enough for people to find purpose to push to lv 99. Example of such item would be an over the head floating relic, backpack with the relic in it and "relic dust" for foot prints(specific to each relic). If you were given those three cosmetic items upon leveling a specific relic lvl to 99 then some crazy people may just go for it. ;) 
Solution 3) A mix of both. Perhaps cut the 4,000 limit in half so instead of it taking 266 hours it could take 130. On top of that, add those cosmetic items, to give players a goal to work towards. A little additional stat boost isnt much of an incentive after leveling up that relic level to lv 20-30... After lv 30 its just too much time to be worth it. 

NUMBER 2: Relics and Dying
When you die with tons of relics you are overwhelmed with this HUGE feeling of loss and back peddling. The idea that "dying makes you stronger" is not that case when it comes to relics... in fact dying with a large amount of relics makes you feel like you just wasted all that time playing and its value or  worth is gone. The sense of accomplishment instantly disappears and can often result in leaving the game.

Solution) Allow players some sort of "return on death" with relics. Now I am not suggesting players get all their relics back... but there has to be an agreeable median. There are a large amount of ideas that have been tossed around ... so I will put a few done below. Please comment on your favor idea.
Idea 1) A % of the relics are returned on death... perhaps 50%.
Idea 2) You provide "Safe Levels" so that if you reach a certain level, you dont have to worry about dying and losing those relics. Example... levels 10, 20, 30... etc. So if a player dies and his relic level was at 11, he will be returned to lv 10. If a player was at lv 25, he is returned to lv 20. 
Idea 3) Relics are no longer lost on death at all. Instead they could be bound to 1) your account and applied to all characters or 2) your individual classes. 

Solution 2) There are completely other ideas to solve this issue as well. Instead of returning relics, give players something else to make them feel like their death made them stronger.  Again I will provide a couple ideas below...
Idea 1) Give players a death leader-board... where their total number of relics is displayed for all to see. If someone dies with 1000 relics they deserve to be known. At least now they are a legend.
Idea 2) Give players valr/card packs based on the # of relics lost. This way we get closer to your "die to get stronger" idea. Perhaps even super rare AL's? Who knows. 

There are a couple other things I could think of, however I wanted to focus all attention on these two issues since they are much more important. Let me know what y'all think. 

Thanks for reading!
- Kel

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Posted (edited)

It's actually a lot more interesting if nobody reaches the cap on relics - ever.
If someone is capped, nobody can imagine exceeding them and 'being the best'. It's a real problem in most games.
example: Well Time is capped at an arbitrary 20 minutes as a bandaid to the well not scaling in difficulty, which means you can never be the best.

However, it is quite demotivating when you need 20+ relics for a single level. That's like 50 dungeons for +5 to one attribute.
Diminishing returns are the default from flat values. 100+1 is 1%, and 1000+1 is 0.1%
So stacking diminishing returns on the rate of increase is like fighting against an exponential curve, and it's a steep one.
Auction House possibly alleviates this problem, but it scales up so fast that most people will have a breaking point rather early in the process.
I would like if the game could handle people running around with 5000+ in their attributes, so the relics could actually be unleashed.

I cannot reinforce this enough: The second problem is critical, especially when considering people can die to lag in resin/lava/tar/etc. and lose 100+ hours worth of grinding all at once. I think relics should 'decay' in some form, so that the person that dies with 1000+ relics doesn't lose everything, and depending on how many were lost they should earn Valr or something else. Leaderboards for relics on death are a nice touch, but for now it would mostly be a list of people that died to lag/disconnect. I really think they shouldn't lose everything just because of something like that, and yet I see it happen far too often.

A few people have quit the game on the spot from that single problem, after overlooking so many others.

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