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Survived By Early Access Week 16 + 17

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Hey there, Ancestors!

This week's update includes plenty of Quality of Life changes that the community has been requesting for a while - an update to the Druid's special Ability, scaling party rewards, critical bugfixes, and more!

That's right - we now scale rewards with your party size! If you are playing in a full party of 6 players, drop rates for loot will be doubled. There's never been a better time to team up with your friends and take down bosses!

 Of course, those aren't the only changes that came with this update - for a complete list, head over to our Patch Notes. 

There are plenty of big updates coming soon, including our massive overhaul of Ancestral Legacies, the addition of Subclasses, and the addition of Guilds which will provide players with far more functionality than the existing Party system. We can't wait for what's ahead of us, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

You can also join me today at 4PM CT for a developer stream as I hop into the Heartlands and review this week's patch. 

See you then!
-The Survived By Team

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