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List of tile-based bug-like problems

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Same disclaimer as before: most of these aren't 'real bugs' but they are close enough to be treated like bugs.

Item #1:
Invisible collision tile in T5
It's always next to that object.
You can run a full circle around it, all clear, but that one specific tile blocks movement/projectile.

Item #2:
Invisible collision tiles in T7
this one is harder to demonstrate the problem, because it isn't a problem tile by default like the T5 one.
In this photo I cannot run onto the road moving left. The collision tile looks like a road - is the problem.

Here is another example:

Imagine someone were trying to escape that room and got stuck on this?
This tile can appear in all sorts of annoying ways.

Also, it does this:
That is where the road tile is no longer a road - it's literally a wall.
This is a major conflict with what people interpret the road tiles to be (speed bonus)

Item #3:
T3 dungeon boiling tar tile appears along the shoreline in many rooms
no explanation of why that's a problem needed, I think

Item #4:
T4 cliffs around the dungeon area will EAT YOUR FACE

Item #5:
large enemies and objects that have an 'upper level' do not play well together with draw depths.
This is actually kinda hard to get a good picture of when they're running around, but I did find one example:
you can see the 2 normal trees are being assimilated onto the evil tree, forming some type of power rangers mech-tree that I opted not to fight and now I'm hiding in town because the world is too scary. Also the golem dudes can split boulders in half with their face using the same method as this borg tree.
The depth drawing problem will be the hardest to fix I think. glhf.

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