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Return to tower button should be instant and have close to or no cooldown

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i mean, you're already trying to make a better rotmg so you should at least have that


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I think a 10min cooldown on recall is a bit much, but an instant activation just seems like a get out of jail free card.
Immediately after changing to instant recall someone is going to create a macro that watches the health bar and hits recall as soon as HP falls below whatever threshold they decide (if the most dmg you can take from anything you fight is 150, then autorecall at 175 or less HP). Instant activation would have to work like HP regen to prevent this exploit, but that would actually be far less convenient in many cases.

Opening exploits or degrading the recall mechanic are obviously not good things to do, so there needs to be at least some channel time on the recall.

However, I fail to see the possible abuse of a reduced recall cooldown. The only time people are affected by recall time is when it becomes a random inconvenience. It never seems to serve any other purpose than that. Ex: invasion is about to start, so you recall, go to waypoint, warp to invasion, fight, and then you need to pay to warp back to town just because recall is on cooldown for another 5 minutes. So probably the recall timer was decided by the line of thinking resulting in the 30% travel cost reduction buff... (30% travel cost reduction on an aura stone means that stone only has 1 bonus, just sayin').

I suggest:
-Recall only slightly faster, if at all.
-Greatly reduced recall cooldown (~1min).
-Eventually scaling all utility mechanics by a new intelligence attribute that also reduces debuff duration on self, and increases debuff duration on enemies;)

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