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Balance in Game Design

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I just deleted 20 paragraphs of knowledge-bombs because I'm not sure anyone is going to read the entire thing, or will even understand that type of abstraction enough to do anything useful even if they did read it because it would probably melt their face off to see what I'm actually capable of. So after wasting an hour just to imagine it's not even worth explaining because I am too overpowered, I completely removed all of it, never to be seen again (this is not a joke), and I think i'll just sum it up along with a special and rare prefix: "Trust me"

I'm going to completely omit everything about every other genre of game and just assume that as pointless contrast and return straight to the point.

If something is overpowered -  DO NOT DELETE IT
If something is very popular -  DO NOT DELETE IT
If something is overpowered -  NERF IT (maybe)
If something is 'useless' -  BUFF IT (probably)
If something is fundamentally broken -  CHANGE IT (usually)
In either case... DO NOT DELETE IT!

(I'm saying this as someone that doesn't even need anything you've deleted so far)

when I heard you would delete followup I thought "ha! surely not", and warned against it, lightly.
when I heard you 'accidentally' didn't delete it in the update, I thought "that's really clever".
when I heard you 'corrected' that mistake... and turned it into a glitch card...?

When have you ever heard that your game is better because you completely removed something people like?
Do I even need to explain the difference between what I thought you were doing, and what you are actually doing?
It seems so amazingly obvious, so I really don't want to spell it out and be that guy, but this is some next-level stuff guys.

Whatever, just look at this:


My version is still better than your version.
Do you understand why that is a problem?
Is mine 'useless'? - BUFF IT

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