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Survived By Early Access Week 16 + 17 BUGS

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-the ping arrows never go away, you can have 10 stacked in a dungeon from invasions or previous dungeons.
-entering a dungeon in the 'hyped up way' (a party) will assassinate you with glitchy scaling damage.
-glitchy scaling damage is SUPER glitchy. (If it says ' 1 ' you probably lost ' 40+ ' HP instead)
-the terrace entrance sometimes vanishes (need to restart game between dungeons)
-the vault sometimes vanishes (need to run out of town and return, or relog)
-all ping cooldown icons on right panel show invasion timers.
-rightside icon for cancel bounty quest no longer appears.
-ping arrows for invasions show inside of dungeons.
-followup 'deprecation' created some glitch card...
-you accidentally actually deleted followup.
(I'm counting that as a glitch too)

I'm not even looking for bugs, so this list is by no means complete... but some of these are annoying as hell lol

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